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Together – Apart: A Wallwisher Project

Our teaching and learning group recently developed a project using wallwisher.   For those people who haven’t used wallwisher before, it is a very simple to use web 2.0 tool that acts as an interactive, web based post-it board.   We have worked with partner schools in Australia for a few years now and always used video conferencing to connect the children to allow them to share their work.   We have to connect at certain times of the year when the timings are just right, which isn’t always ideal.   Subsequently, the VCs tend to be about sharing end results and we wanted to share the working process this time.   Wallwisher has enabled the children to ask each other questions, share ideas and thoughts as they occur which has allowed us to share in a different way.

For this particular project we have been looking at the qualities of effective learners.   This is the culmination of a lot of work the teaching and learning group have been engaged in for the past couple of years with our partner schools in the Kaizen Group.   We have researched Guy Claxton and Chris Quigley’s work with the children looking at the practical ways of being reflective, resourceful, resilient and risk taking learners.   The wallwisher enabled the children to share their thoughts on how these qualities can help us become more effective learners.

Our partner schools’ teaching and learning groups contributed their own thoughts on the qualities of effective learners and the contributions gave us more food for thought generating further discussions within our group leading to more practical ideas within school.

The teaching and learning group are currently using the findings of this wallwisher project to help them in creating a resource to help their peers in assessing which effective learner qualities they possess and which they need to develop further.   Wallwisher is a simple tool that has lots of potential to support learners in and out of the classroom, we are certainly benefiting from this user friendly web 2.0 tool.