My iPhone and me

My wife claims she’s an iPhone widow and I can’t deny that some days it must feel like that. I know other iPhone users who tell me their partners say the same thing. What is it that has transformed our lives so? Why do we need constant connectivity? Why can we not bare to be parted from our iPhones for more than a few minutes? I’ll try and briefly explain.

Five different but interconnected areas make the iPhone indispensable for me:

1. The Apps store– when I first purchased my phone I had little idea of just how comprehensive its online store was. It has mushroomed over the last couple of years with applications available now for almost anything you can dream of. Out of the thousands available everyone has their favourites. Here are a few of mine. I use these quite a bit:
ifooty– this allows me to keep up with all things related to my club. Tables, news, chat and minute by minute commentary are all features of this handy app.
Translator-I can email friends from across the globe in their native tongue and translate a whole bunch of phrases into whichever language necessary.
Nespresso-ok this one might not be everyone’s cup of tea! But I use it to order my coffee direct from the company which is pretty cool.
Evernote Photos and text synch straight to your home computer as you work remotely. Very handy.
Animoto– make slideshows from your photos and add music for immediate playback.
WordPress– blog directly from your phone to the world.
Catchup TV/BBC iplayer– these aren’t strictly apps but I have them saved to my screen for instant access to live/previously aired programmes.

In addition I use Facebook and Twitter apps but I’ll come onto this in mire detail later.

2. The apps store sits nicely next to the iTunes store. From there you can purchase songs, films, tv shows, podcasts etc There are even apps (shazam, sound hound, tune wiki) that will tell you a songs name if you’re not sure and link you to the store to buy it!
Just as there are free apps there are also free downloads from the iTunes store (although nowhere near as many)

3.Your own iTunes collection is brilliantly presented if you turn your iPhone on its side. It’s like flicking through the shelves of a music store. In fact many things change if you turn your phone side on for example the calculator goes from maths to scientific. It’s worth seeing what other apps do.

4.Taking photos on the iPhone is simple and if you want to be more creative there are a lot of camera apps to help. When you look through your pics you can pinch them to enlarge sections, view them in landscape or portrait and much more. If you’re lucky enough to own a 3Gs you’re probably using video capture and uploading to YouTube as we speak!

YouTube comes with the iPhone so you’ve got that as a standard.

5. For me the ability to stay connected via wifi and 3G makes the iPhone a must. To be honest I don’t use anywhere near my 500 minutes or 600 texts but I do make the most of being on the Internet 24/7. Google, wikipedia, safari, pretty much whatever you want to do on a laptop or computer, however you want to search it, you can now do in the palm of your hand. Remember those pictures of the first computers that took up a large room the size of a small factory? There is more power, more memory and more capability in this hand held device!

Finally, and linked to my first point, if you’re a fan of facebook, myspace, msn, Twitter or pretty much any other social network you could not wish for a better way to stay in touch. My preferred platform is Twitter and I’ve written about it’s importance elsewhere on this blog. Suffice it to say I am more in touch with my PLN through use of my iPhone. I don’t need to wait to wrestle a laptop from one of my kids before I can speak to colleagues I simply ask questions and post comment via my iPhone.

I am currently toying with how to challenge my wife’s claim about being an iPhone widow but the only solution I can see is to get her one as well. Will that then make my children iPhone orphans?!!


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