Monthly Archives: April 2012

Micro Peer Tutorials

Recently the children have been enjoying making mini lessons, or micro tutorials, to help each other learn. It is often said the best way to consolidate learning is to articulate it to someone else. We’ve been using this approach in school and with the ‘Show Me’ app on the iPad we’ve been able to take things a stage further.

The children love using this screen casting application to record micro tutorials. They rehearse their learning and then record a short  two minute explanation of a key concept or idea. This recording is then embedded on their class blog for other children to view and learn from. It is a great way for the children to support each other with tricky areas of learning.

We have been promoting this approach by showing the children the micro lessons in assembly and encouraging them to find areas they think would be best explained via a short peer screencast.   It not only helps the children who watch the presentations but also those who are making them.   More children are now coming forward with areas they want to teach and we hope to build a powerful peer based resource in school via this method.   Below are a couple of examples of how ‘Show Me’ is supporting the children’s learning.