Pupil led clubs

One of the things that has delighted me  most in school this term is the rise of pupil led clubs.   As a large school it is always difficult to ensure all groups are catered for in terms of extra curricular provision.   Many staff give up a huge amount of time to run clubs in their own time,  but this term the programme on offer has been complimented by a number of additional groups run by our older pupils.   They have organised a range of clubs such as ‘Little Actors’, ‘Dance Divas’ and ‘Little League‘ all aimed at the younger children and run at lunchtimes and after school.   The children submit a written bid outlining, where and when the club will take place, how long it will run for, what the children will do and how many places they can offer.   They have to find a willing adult who will oversee their efforts but this is a straightforward role for staff and they do not interfere with the organisation, planning or delivery of the sessions.

The children have shown a huge level of responsibility in organising their clubs, from advertising via assemblies and visits to classes to creating poster, writing letters to parents, taking registers and planning in detail exactly what happens at each session.   They have shown real leadership, consideration and maturity in how they go about their business.   The ‘Dance Divas’ for example, are over subscribed so the Y6 children organising the club have a waiting list for next term!   At the end of each six week course they are putting on a special assembly for the dancers to show what they have learnt to the rest of the school!   As this club runs after school the organisers make sure parents are there to collect their children and have introduced themselves to families both through their letters and in person at the end of each session.   The ‘Maths is Fun’ club has been organised for Y2 children and the Y6 girls running this club have spoken to the Y2 teachers so they can target their fun maths games at areas of most need. The Little League football club has also given some of our Y6 boys the opportunity to work together and organise themselves to the benefit of the infants, in a way that they can struggle to do on their own!

The children running these clubs are learning an awful lot about teamwork, organisation, planning and accountability (they have to ensure they are at the club in good time, well planned and ready for action!) They are evaluating their sessions and adapting things in light of their reflections.   They are thoroughly planned and are providing exciting opportunities for the younger children in school who don’t always get the range of options that the older children do.   The younger children love attending these clubs and working with the Y6 pupils.   They want to please them and try really hard each week with their given tasks.   It is proving to be a great model for extra curricular activity and one that looks set to go and grow.


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