Daily Archives: February 2, 2011

Hawes Side TV

About four years ago we started wondering how we were going to display all the digital content we were amassing at school.   The children were producing so much work, and it wasn’t like we could pin their pen drives to the wall!

Display for their efforts became important to us as we wanted the children to know how much we valued what they were doing.   We worked with a company who came in and fitted screens around the school.   We had given them our requirements and they delivered.   We were able to schedule our pupils’ work to play at certain times and centrally produced material around healthy schools, exercise etc.. complimented our own efforts.

After a few years of this system however, we became more critical about what we wanted.   In the words of Lane Clarke ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know’ and when we set out our understanding of the potential was limited.   As time passed we grew in our understanding of things and began to develop a much clearer idea of where we wanted to go with the set up.   Last summer we met with another company called CMS.   We had discussion with them about where we saw such a service going in schools and how they could support the curriculum, making learning both relevant and fun.   We were already full of ideas of how things could develop and it was great to meet such open minded and helpful people.   CMS immediately understood where we wanted to go with our school TV set up and came in and fitted a green screen studio for us over the autumn term.

The studio is small but as the children will tell you it’s like a tardis because once you’re in it you could be anywhere!   From reading the Tudor news outside the Tower of London as Anne Boleyn is beheaded, to reporting on the erruption of Krakatoa, the studio can support writing, directing, acting, speaking and listening – the possibilities are endless.   Our dancers are performing a routine called Decades in a show next week and children are reading the headlines from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.  Their newsreels will be broadcast over the performers.   Groups of children will use the studio as a voxbox to discuss and evaluate their work – a bit like the jungle den on I’m a Celebrity’ or the diary room on ‘Big Brother’.   You get the idea!   It’s early days, but the potential for broadcasting the children live around school (and into homes via the blog) has given us another fantastic opportunity to enhance the children’s learning opportunities giving them a great range of skills to develop along the way.   It’s an exciting time for Hawes Side TV!

To see a short film about the TV studio and green screen go to: