Exercising together

As part of our ongoing drive to engage with the wider school community we recently introduced a morning exercise session for parents and children in the school hall for 20 minutes before the school day starts.   We’re blessed with a large, well equipped hall with a good AV system which means we can make use of a data projector and a huge screen.   Julie, one of our PE team sets up a programme called ‘cybercoach’ to run a series of exercises on the screen and parents and children join in.   We use the programme around school as it’s great for getting everyone exercising.   The morning sessions are great fun and families are beginning to attend in increasing numbers.   Like lots of ideas, it started small with just a few coming along but they told their friends, and hopefully they’ll tell theirs and then maybe we’ll see the hall resembling one of those great photos you can see of schools in China where everyone is taking part in a tai chi session!


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