Lessons with twitter

Engaging  learners – one tweet at a time

I’ve been thinking recently about the opportunities twitter provides for engagement in the classroom and beyond.   Our teaching and learning group are currently looking at questioning as a powerful tool to support learning and the following ideas are something I am looking to try out with them over the next term.

Who am I?

Using twitter to recount historical facts, tweeting as a figure from history for the children to follow, to work out who you are and learn more about your historical alter ego and the times you lived in.  Fictional and factual characters could also be ‘twitterised’ to develop and unfold tweet after tweet with children following each one to gain an understanding of ‘who you are’.   A fantastic example of this can be seen in @simonhaughton’s Scrooge from last Christmas http://is.gd/ge54s This year Simon is tweeting a Gunpowder Tweeting & Plot with @chrisleach78.   Other great examples can be found by following @ukwarcabinet and @BBCCov1940 both bringing WWII to life through tweets.

Where am I?

Tweeting descriptions from places from around the globe as if you’re there.   Children follow your clues to work out from the facts you give them, whereabouts you are.

What I am?

A cat, a dog, and inanimate object?   Using twitter to develop children’s thinking skills and powers of deduction.   This could develop into a game (as could the others!)   My original thought was a hashtag entitled ‘petsthattweet’ but this limited the idea and would be exhausted quite quickly!

When I started thinking about these questions a world of opportunities presented itself.   Our infants have postcards sent to school from Barnaby Bear (for the topic ‘Where in the World is Barnaby Bear?) why not have Barnaby tweet the children? I know some of these ideas are probably already being used, and I’m sure people have their own ideas and approaches similar to mine.  It would be great to hear from you about what you’re doing and what has been successful with the children as you engage learners one tweet at a time!


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