Exercising student voice – The Assembly Committee

I meet each week with our Assembly Committee.   They are a group of pupils from Y6 who discuss, plan and deliver whole school assemblies each half term.   Their enthusiasm and creativity is fantastic and represents student voice at it’s best.   They canvass opinion, share ideas and provide their peers with interactive and fun assemblies.

Most recently they have prepared an assembly on the SEAL theme ‘It’s Good to be Me’.   When we initially met to plan for this theme we came up with a great number of ideas.  The initial assembly to introduce the theme took place at the begining of this half term.   The group read a story that put the idea across then they shared their own thoughts with the school, they chose appropriate music and displayed posters exclaiming ‘It’s Good to be me’.

Following the initial assembly, we discussed what it would be realistically possible to achieve within a few weeks for the follow up.   The chidren decided on a huge display board featuring the work of different classes around the theme; talent inventories, leaflets and posters were collected in by the Assembly Committee following discussion with staff, to form a fantastic display which will be positioned in the school entrance area for parents and visitors to view, after being shared at the assembly.   The group were also keen to create a presentation that featured the full range of talents people have in the school, they set to work creating a great piece that will be shown repeatedly on the school life channel following Monday’s assembly.   They also made two films which will be ‘premiered’ on Monday before going straight to the life channel!   In the first they went around the school asking poeple to say why ‘it’s good to be me’ talking about what they like doing, what they’re good at and what they like about they’re friends.  A hugely self affirming experience with those they filmed enjoying it as much as the film makers!   The second film took a similar path, his time with staff.   Potentially a more tricky proposition for as we all know, school staff are not very good at saying what they are good at – it seems to go with the territory doesn’t it-  we’re more comfortable as a profession saying what we don’t do well!   The children put staff on the spot, they asked them to share what they are good at and why it is good to be themselves, what is it about school that makes it ‘good to be me’.

The whole experience has been a positive, celebratory one, brought about by the children and deliberately used by them to focus on strengths, talents and gifts inherent across the school community.   It’s a great example of student voice playing a significant role in developing the school’s values across the community.


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7 responses to “Exercising student voice – The Assembly Committee

  • Lisa Matthews

    Hi Michael
    What a brilliant idea, as a new Head I want to develop pupil voice in the school and think this would be a highly effective and meaningful way of doing it. Will keep you posted.

    • smichael920

      Thanks for your comments Lisa. I really enjoy working with the group and they’re absolutely full of ideas! I’m sure you’ll find the same. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

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  • neilhopkin

    Brilliant idea Michael – will share this with staff next week, thanks!

    • smichael920

      Thanks Neil Just sent you a DM on Twitter to wish you all the best for the week ahead. Maybe we could get assembly committees to share their ideas and assemblies & build a great resource! Hmm, that’s got me thinking!

      Speak soon, Michael

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  • Asher Jacobsberg

    This is a really great way of engaging your pupils in their learning. I bet the rest of the pupils got a lot out of it too.
    You said they canvassed opinion, how did they do that?

    • smichael920

      Hi Asher and many thanks for your comments. The children do all get a lot from it! The committee make use of other pupil forums such as the school council and the teaching and learning group to help them gauge opinion. They have visited classes for this current theme. They have spoken to teachers and had five minutes with the children as well. They love going to other classes and talking directly to them!

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  • Asher Jacobsberg

    Excellent stuff! That’s just what I feel needs to be happening, all the different varieties of pupil voice in school using the school council as a conduit as well as engaging directly with classes. I would imagine that through this approach of a variety of linked up pupil voice groups you’re managing to get a real variety of pupils involved.
    Really sounds great.

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