2 responses to “Using technology to support engagement

  • neilhopkin

    I really like the sound of the writing rooms, Michael. Do you use Google docs too, or did you decide to go for a more integrated approach on your blog base? What do you think the pros and cons might be of either option (blog as base for everything vs selection of Web 2.0 tools but no one repository)?

    • smichael920

      Hi Neil, we’ve begun to look at google docs but have only used it for surveys up to now. The writing rooms were something we wanted to develop but ultimately needed a greater input from staff to be sustainable. We’re hoping the class blogs will help develop the idea further. The children have really gone for using photostory and love seeing their work on the screens around school, something I’m really keen to capitalise on. We’re also looking at the more popular web 2.0 tools and the idea of linking them to the blogs – I’m letting the web 2.0 group run with this for now. Had a great meeting tonight with the ICT strategy group so I’m excited about one or two initiatives. Hope you didn’t mind me mentioning the negotiated learning – would it be ok to add a link so people could read more?

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