About two months ago I started using Twitter. I’m still way off really knowing what I’m doing but here’s what I’ve find out so far.
Twitter has provided me with an ongoing dialogue about education, leadership and the use of new technologies with both colleagues here in the UK and new friends across the globe. When I began using Twitter I fumbled around in the dark, searching out interesting people to follow, a few celebs here some educationalists there. It took me a while to build up a community where I could begin to share ongoing dialogue – my kids kept telling me a was turning into a stalker!
I still don’t know if I’m using it correctly and I’m relying on some great advice from people out there in Twitterland, but it is becoming a bit clearer. Teacher Tuesday and Follow Friday have provided me with some great people to follow and I’m also building up my own followers, which is giving me the incentive I need to keep tweeting. I am retweeting when I see a great piece that’s worth sharing, I’m using direct messages to friends when it’s something that I know is of no interest to others and I’m sending tweets to Twitterworld when I think I’ve got something to say myself. I find Twitter is more of an informal professional community which is far more rewarding than using Facebook. It has taken me into a whole new world which I’m just beginning to understand. I’ve already gained so much thanks to some great follows – all in all it’s twittertastic!!


About smichael920

Headteacher of a large primary school in North West England. Helping me to blur the distinction between work and home, I am also father of five, covering most phases of education thus giving me the lowdown from within and without. Education is about enjoying today and preparing for tomorrow. This can't be done using the tools of the past. View all posts by smichael920

2 responses to “Twittertastic!

  • neilhopkin

    Couldn’t agree more Michael. It is an eye-opening source of mind-sharpening soundbites (to totally mix my sensory metaphors)!

    • Ann L.

      Twitter is still a bit of a jungle for me; I’m trying to find my way around, find good people to follow and sort through all the information. I’ve been given some great resources and information already and I hope that soon I will be able to contribute more. Agree to that it’s more rewarding than Facebook. And only a year ago I had no idea. I thought Twitter was a bunch of people telling their friends what they had for lunch.

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