The days of delivery

The text book of the future

The text book of the future

Are the days of delivery behind us? Teaching comes from a place where the person delivering the lesson was the fountain of all knowledge, the learners empty vessels to be filled. The teacher had to stay at least one step ahead of even the brightest children for fear of losing control.
‘What are we doing next week, sir?’
‘Can’t tell you now, you’ll find out next week.’
In today’s classrooms the balance has shifted. Teachers have to let go, there is so much knowledge out there, and so many experts in accessing that knowledge, that a new approach is necessary if we are to provide the best learning experiences possible. So little technology is fully embraced in the classroom today because the teacher is afraid of letting go and allowing the learner to take the lead. I am regularly blown away by what young children already know and use out of school in terms of technology and I am constantly looking at ways of bridging home and school learning so that it becomes a seemless whole.

As it was in the past – where some teachers were afraid of telling children what they would be learning next week for fear of them knowing too much, so it is today – where technological knowledge and understanding are being kept out of the classroom. Great teachers embrace this technological approach to pedagogy, they allow young learners that freedom, they take risks, they encourage and inspire. Teaching today is a two way process, where the learners brings as much to the lesson as the teacher.
‘What are we doing next week, sir?’
‘I wonder if you could go and find out as much as you can about…….and we’ll take it from there.’


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