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Educating for the future

Schools need to realign themselves with what’s needed for the future. An uncertain future. Maslow’s hierachy of need gives us the basic steps that will give the children the right platform for learning. The importance of children feeling safe and loved before they can begin to learn.
The world our children will grow up in will not be the world we grew up in. What skills, knowledge and attitudes will they need? What future are we to prepare them for? Freidman and others talk about learning how to learn. It’s not about the content so much as the excitement of learning, inspiring and motivating children to want to learn independently. Because there is no finite knowledge, because the knowledge base in growing at an incredible pace, we need to give children a new skills set that enables them to continue to learn so they can function effectively in society in the future. Passion, enthusiasm and curiosity are more important the IQ. It is our job to light the fires of passion and curiosity in the children, to shape their enthuiasm and support their desire to learn.
Thinking skills, critical skills and the ability to make judgements are important as the accelerated rate of development in communication means an ever expanding knowledge base with little gate keeping on factual accuracy. Learners need to be able to check sources, compare facts, make judgements based on critical awareness. They need to be able to navigate through the virtual world and make sense of it.


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